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FK Spartak Kaplice, s.r.o.

Operation Football Club, which has male and female team.

Bělidlo 111, Kaplice

Josef Rychlík - Penzion Vřesná

Guesthouse accommodation for 32 people with its own golf course, outdoor terrace, fireplace and table tennis.

Blatná 60, Frymburk

Pavel Hájek, žaluzie

We offer sales and installation of blinds.

Doubek 123, Křemže

III. R, spol. s r.o. - Zájezdní hostinec

Accommodation in 2 to 6 bed rooms with extra beds. Equipment consists of TV and minibars. The facility includes a restaurant and pastry shop.


Pavlosek a Jindra Penzion a restaurant Ratzka

Accommodation in a guesthouse with a restaurant. Possibility of using a bike rentals, table tennis and outdoor pool.

Novosedly 3, Kájov

A.H. Větřní, spol. s r.o.

Ensuring rental properties, apartments and commercial spaces.

Zátoňské Dvory 32, Větřní

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