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ALU.PLAST s.r.o. - okna, dveře

Samota 850, Kaplice

Bohuslav Gallistl

Třešnová 374, Cesky Krumlov

JK Elektronik s.r.o.

Šumavská 567, Český Krumlov

DD Technik s.r.o.

We offer wholesale, retail offering electronic security cars, businesses and apartments, CCTV systems, gate driving, home phones and video phones, as well as all online.

náměstí J. V. Kamarýta 49, Velešín

Podlahy Sládeček

We offer the laying of floor coverings, carpets, PVC, and floating floors, including supply of material. Settlement documents and consulting services.

Štěpky 240, Kájov

OKNOTHERM, spol. s r.o.

We offer manufacture, sale, installation of plastic and aluminum windows and doors. Exchange and windows to prefab houses. We produce windows in profile loaf. Warranty and service for 60 months. Everything, including window sills, blinds, curtains, mosquito nets. Sellers.

Linecká 377, Kaplice

Alu.Plast, společnost s ručením omezeným

We offer manufacture, sale and installation of plastic and aluminum windows, doors, walls, insect screens, window sills, blinds and shutters. Furthermore, production of plastic fences. Send free offer our products. We hold ISO 9001:2001, we provide a guarantee to 5 years.

Samota 850, Kaplice

Eva Chaloupková

Pod Horou 385, Český Krumlov

Hřídel & Dolan - zahradní nábytek

We offer wooden garden furniture (solid or folding). Our assortment includes armchairs, chairs, desks, benches, tables, chairs, garden sets. Furthermore, manufacturing equipment for front garden restaurants, beer sets, wooden boxes or stololavice, arbors and pergolas. We run a shop with garden furniture.

Na Humnech 632, Velešín

B - Praktik, s.r.o.

We offer design, construction and renovation of a tiled stove, stoves, fireplaces and tile kilns, stone replicas of historic castle. We sell stoves, fireplaces,...

Přísečná 71, Přísečná

Josef Mlčoch Kachlová kamna - krby

Offer building of tiled stoves, ovens, fireplaces made from natural materials (sandstone, marble, granite), and their reconstruction. We are dealers and companies Turbo Fonte Jotul.

Přísečná 29, Přísečná

Podlahy Mareš

We offer a complete flooring service. Sell and consider all types of floor coverings including preparation and leveling the surface, and solid mosaic parquet, including exotic species, industrial mosaics, carpets, PVC and cleaning zones.

Přísečná 29, Přísečná

BALSA, koupelny

We offer bathroom studio from 3D design to implementation. Sell shower, whirlpool tubs and boxes, sanitary equipment, heating ladders, bathroom furniture, adhesives, and chemical grouting. Furthermore, Rako wall and floor tiling for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors.

U Poráků 511, Český Krumlov

ČR Beton Bohemia, spol. s r.o.

We offer a company that offers a solid foundation of your building, manufacturing, transportation and ukládku concrete mix, reinforcing steel, aggregate and concrete blocks. Furthermore, different types of concrete and mortar according to customer needs. Working hours according to the customer.

Linecká 277, Český Krumlov

P.M.H.- Invest & Trade, spol. s r.o.

We offer showers Palm. Shower enclosures and doors that meet the standard and demanding requirements of each customer, both in the shower and the possibility of relaxation via steam rooms SCALA. Steam box Scala also offers therapy salt fog.

Přísečná 556, Přísečná

Půjčovna lešení EKRO

We offer rentals, sales and installation of facade scaffolding system EKRO.

Linecká 848, Kaplice

AB watt, spol. s r.o.

We offer heat pumps, solar collectors, boilers, storage tanks. We suggest, advise, design, realize. Furthermore, assemble device for single-family houses and large buildings. We provide financial assistance for renewable energy heating.

U Poráků 512, Český Krumlov

Otakar Prušák - A - Z TRUHLÁŘSTVÍ

We offer delivery and installation of roof windows Fakro, accessories and shielding techniques. Offer small bespoke joinery.

Rojšín 9, Brloh

Klet, s.r.o.

We offer the production of sliding interior doors.

Budějovická 46, Křemže

Teza CK, s.r.o.

We offer production and distribution of steam and hot water, electrical machinery and equipment. Consulting in business and management.

Vyšný 100, Český Krumlov

Mynařík, s.r.o.

We offer everything for bathrooms and toilets including shower enclosures, batteries, and paving. We also provide plumbing and heating work.

Slupenecká 325, Český Krumlov

Rolety Berny

We offer delivery, installation and servicing. Horizontal and vertical blinds, fabric roller blinds, shutters, awnings, garage doors, door and window screens. Our extensive range includes a silicone seal, folding doors, and flooring.

Papírenská 289, Český Krumlov

Jiří Bartoš, bytové doplňky

We offer the production of batik and dyed clothing and homewares.

Mříč 28, Křemže

Pavel Hájek, žaluzie

We offer sales and installation of blinds.

Doubek 123, Křemže

Kohout Company, s.r.o.

We offer construction of industrial buildings, factory buildings and residential buildings. Reconstruction of historical buildings. Furthermore, public transport services, ground, facing and carpentry work. Sales of building materials.

Horní Planá 16, Horní Planá

VP Bohemia, s.r.o.

We offer sales and servicing of forestry and gardening techniques.

Budějovická 312, Volary

Pavel Bílek - Bicor, žaluzie

We offer you should add and blinds.

Nové Domovy 491, Kaplice

SpedCom, spol. s r.o.

We offer exclusive importer. Sell mobile scaffolding Eurostandard, RIDOTTO EURO firm. IPPIS. Building props, lifts, wheels, mixers, rubbish firm. HAEMMERLIN. Another of our activities as customs services, rent roll and frame scaffolding and tools.

Omlenická 37, Kaplice

MN okna Kaplice, s.r.o.

We offer the manufacture and assembly of wooden EUROWINDOWS IV78, entrance doors, conservatories, shop windows.

Blansko 5, Kaplice

Petr Jirků, prodej matrací

We offer mattresses, bed frames and laminated with traffic.

Náměstí 206, Kaplice

Martin Podhorka, prodej dveří a oken

We offer service, sales and assembly of plastic and aluminum windows and doors and eurowindows. Sales of accessories.

Meziříčí 41, Malonty

Betotec, spol. s r.o.

We offer firm focused on the delivery of scattered concrete reinforcements and logistics in the construction industry.

Zahradní 714, Kaplice

Miloslav Šafář, žaluzie

Offer blinds. Further supply of construction finishing.

Benešov nad Černou 146, Benešov nad Černou

Karel Malák, žaluzie

We offer sales and installation of shielding techniques.

Benešov nad Černou 2, Benešov nad Černou

Martin Plecer, plovoucí podlahy

We offer firm specializing in laying floors.

5. května 247, Vyšší Brod

VoK trade, s.r.o.

We offer the manufacture and supply of all wooden building elements for construction.

V Kasárnách 53, Volary

Jaroslav Šuman - Elektro

We offer fotovoltanický solar system and their accessories.

Šumavská 211, Volary

Jana Mistrová, prodej matrací

We offer bed clothes and sell mattresses.

Soumarská 370, Volary


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