Auto-moto sellers


ARA AUTO s.r.o.

Budejovicka 304, Český Krumlov

Milan Ertl, stavba silnic a dálnic

Possibility of services for the construction and maintenance of roads. Implementation of construction and project work.

Českobudějovická 79, Kaplice

DD Technik s.r.o.

We offer wholesale, retail offering electronic security cars, businesses and apartments, CCTV systems, gate driving, home phones and video phones, as well as all online.

náměstí J. V. Kamarýta 49, Velešín


We offer import and sale of commercial vehicles and machinery. We also offer ground excavation.

Dobechov 4, Kaplice

BORFAJ, s.r.o.

We offer dealer of new cars and car brands Renault and Dacia. Sale and purchase of used Renault cars. Customer service vehicles, Renault, sales of original spare parts and accessories.

Kaplická 432, Český Krumlov

PKM GROUP s.r.o.

We offer dealer and TGB Motor Access. Sales moto scooters SYM brand. All spare parts and motorcycle apparel. We run a rental car and off-road quad tracks covering an area of 4.5 hectares.

Chvalšinská 168, Český Krumlov

Robert Folc, prodej automobilů

We offer the sale and purchase of trucks of all brands. Design according to customer requirements.

Studánky 3, Vyšší Brod

Petr Popovič, automobily

Offer used cars.

U Trojice 121, Český Krumlov

Pneu servis Internacional, spol. s r.o.

Sales protectors for cars. Tire service on passenger cars, trucks and agricultural machinery. Sell brand new tires Mitas, Barum, Cooper, Matador, Kleber.

Chvalšinská 168, Český Krumlov

Petr Homolka, bazar automobilů

Offer import, repair, sale and purchase of cars of all brands. Providing services in the registration of vehicles.

Kaplická 202, Český Krumlov

Miroslav Přibyl, bazar automobilů

Offer used cars.


Jiří Andrlík, autodoplňky

Offer auto parts, aluminum wheels and tires. Ensuring Windscreen replacement and repair of motor vehicles.

U Trojice 121, Český Krumlov

Ing. Zdeněk Čermák, automobily

Škoda passenger cars.

Budějovická 166, Český Krumlov

Miloš Králík, bazar automobilů

Offer used cars. The possibility of towing services and insurance, repairs and tuning cars.


Boxit, s.r.o.

Offer a fuel station.


Prejza Tomáš ZIPSY

Zips, zips lock with alarm, guards, knee and elbow, páteřák, hood, license plate pads, corrective set of tires, Antipas, chains, gloves, belts, scarves, clot...

Ústí nad Labem

Michaela Bílková, autodoplňky

Offer car parts and accessories.

Kostelní 125, Kaplice

Proauto - CZ, s.r.o.

We offer spare parts and car accessories for trucks and passenger cars.

Špičák 133, Český Krumlov

Ladislav Hovorka, náhradní díly

We offer spare parts and car accessories.

Omlenická 177, Kaplice

Karel Reichensdörfer Transport

Offer trucks, used trucks and spare parts.

Náměstí 73, Vyšší Brod

Elim, spol. s r.o.

Sales of electronic devices.

Luční 515, Volary

ALL4NET, s.r.o.

We offer import cars from EU countries and Switzerland.

Školní 296, Větřní

Petr Soustružník, pneumatiky

Sales of tires and full wheel discs for cars and trucks.

Na Vyhlídce 272, Větřní

Jan Bíca - Auto moto servis

We offer new motorcycles Yuki. Customer service, transport motorcycle after the crash.

Na Vyhlídce 355, Křemže

Daniel Šimek, náhradní díly

We offer retail sale of spare parts for motor vehicles.

Chvalšiny 149, Chvalšiny

Motocentrum ARA

We offer authorized sales representative for ATVs Access Motor Company. Customer service. Sales of all spare parts, equipment and accessories. We also offer brand scooters Korado CZ.

Budějovická 304, Český Krumlov

Patrik Hlach, autodoplňky

Sales of branded spare parts for all types of vehicles.

Budějovická 178, Velešín

Martin Böhm, náhradní díly

We offer spare parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles of all brands. Offer consultancy and fault diagnosis of road vehicles.

Přísečná 72, Přísečná

Pavel Svoboda, autobazar

We offer the sale and servicing of cars.

Přísečná 1, Přísečná

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